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GTA San Andreas is an action game developed by Rockstar North, one of the most popular and classy developers of action games. The game was initially for PlayStation, getting great response worldwide. However, the time is now gone, and the developers of the game have new ideas that will help improve the game and the general appearance of the game. To make the deal sweeter, they have a new version that you can install on your mobile device. In this article, we explain the details about the game, including the game’s specs and the requirements that you have to meet to play the game on your mobile device. These details will help you understand the new Android version of GTA San Andreas and the general idea that makes the game interesting for most people. You will also find the pros and cons of the new version, in this article. Download our GTA San Andreas APK Here.Download GTA San Andreas

Story Line

GTA San Andreas is about CJ, who is the main character in the game. He strives to deliver justice to the people who murdered his mother. He also tries to run the streets of San Andreas in efforts to clear his name from the police books after being framed by dirty police officers. The story takes place in 1992 in San Andreas, where police officers try their best to tackle criminal actions. CJ, being in the system, has to avoid crime. However, he has to ensure that he does crime in efforts to make some money and stay alive. You, being the main character, will have to go through the levels, handling different tasks for other criminal minds to get to your final level and discover the truth while getting what you desire.

Several gangs attempt to run the streets of San Andreas. These gangs have different leaders, who strive to get the desired level of power to run the city. In this game, you will have to handle several tasks that will allow you to increase your abilities and potential to help you grow and command different levels of complications in the missions.

You will have the ability to move around while escaping the police. You will get several missions from different heads of the gangs. These missions will include murder, selling drugs, as well as deliveries of other goods. There might be chances of injury, death, or even arrest, which will cost you some money.

Features and Characteristics of GTA San Andreas

The game has different qualities that make it appealing. These qualities make it unique. This section details the distinctive characteristics of the game that include the controls and the gameplay.


Initially, the developers introduced the game for PlayStation consoles, after which they created a new version for the computers and Xbox. After a while, the developers then created a mobile version that only played on devices running iOS operating systems, which left Android users out of the fun. However, this game has a new version developed for Android devices. You can download and install the game from different platforms, including the official website for Rockstar games. You can also download it directly from Google Play Store.

Game Play

You can perform different tasks as the main character of the game. These might include driving around to view the city, picking up prostitutes, eating, and running, exercising, fighting, and stealing. These will depend on what you want to do. You have to ensure that you stay healthy and safe to save money. You should also avoid arrests from police who are all around. This open world game has several interesting things and missions that you can handle to make money. The money will then help you get different things including a wide range of weapons.

You can repeat a few tasks in efforts to get more money and beat other records. You can also prefer to ignore all the missions in the game, choosing to play the alternative mini-games instead. This way, you can make more money effortlessly and enjoy your time as the character of the game. For instance, you can visit a casino, where you can play games and gamble with the money you have, eventually making more. You can also choose to play pool with other characters in the game.


You are the main character, CJ, who tries to get power for his gang, in order for him to get the territorial power from other gangs. You will also meet other characters in the game, each with a different task. For instance, some missions will be from other gang leaders that have more power than your gang does. The missions might require you to find someone, who you will kill and steal some items. You will also realize that the streets of the San Andreas have police all over. These cops are always waiting for you to make the wrong move and a chase will ensue. You either might be arrested or are shot if the heat levels rise to greater levels.

You can also choose to beat up the cops, after which you will get their weapons once you kill them. The streets also have different characters moving around, each with certain possessions. If you beat up a person, you can kill them and get their possessions. All these characters help make the game interesting and unique.

You will also realize that you can play against another real player using an internet connection. It is one of the best features of the game.

GTA San Andreas APK

Sound and Voices

You will hear different sounds in the game. These might be from the main character or other characters in the game. The sound quality is perfect in the game. You will realize that the voices are from different actors, including Sam L Jackson.

You might, however, experience some glitches in the game while playing it. The developers are trying their best to eradicate these glitches by including different changes and updates to help improve the quality. It would be helpful if you added some comments when reviewing the game. It will help the developers to identify potential causes of the problem, which will help in eradicating the bugs in the updates.


This game has several advancements and improvements in the graphics quality. This improvement in the quality is to help the game run on different devices that have different display abilities. However, the game runs smoothly, even on a device with High Definition display quality. You will realize that the game has a beautiful look, thanks to the attention paid by the developers to ensure that the game has many details. The game is perfect in terms of display, and it beats other versions because of that.


The game is for different platforms. It means that the game has different methods of control that depend on the device on which you play the game. The GTA San Andreas APK has great controls that perform all the tasks that the previous versions did. Since the controls are new, it is hard to get the same perfection at first. However, as you continue to play the game and experience different complications and challenges, you will get better at controlling the character and the vehicles.

You will get different controls on the screen. On the left side of the screen, you get a navigation control. The right side has other buttons that help you in combat and other works. These are fighting, getting in and out of vehicles, as well as running.

You will get different options in the game. These options include customizing the game’s controls. These options will help you play the game better. The options also include changing the position of the navigation control and the type of control for navigation. You can, therefore, choose to move the character and the vehicles using a simple analog stick, buttons, or tilting the screen. All these navigations are easy to use depending on what you are used to using. You can also choose the controls to change once you get in a car or out of the car. Download our GTA San Andreas APK Here.Download GTA San Andreas APK

Downloading and Installing GTA San Andreas on your device

You can choose to download the game from different platforms, including the official App Store, Google Play Store. Once you download GTA San Andreas from the Store, it will install automatically. However, if you choose to download the game from a website, you will get GTA San Andreas APK as a file on your file manager. To install the game, you will have to access the data from its location, after which you will run the app using the installation manager, which will connect the game on your device.

Once you open the game, you will have to download additional OBB files that contain the entire game. You will need a more significant amount of space to download this file.

Saving your Progress

The game will not save your progress automatically. To save the game, you have to visit your apartment, where you will get a chance to save the game. You have several alternatives. You can choose to either save the game on your device or install it on Cloud Storage. However, to save the game on the cloud platform, you have to sign up and log in to a Rockstar account. When you save the game, you can load the game from any device that has the game installed. You will get a chance to play the game from any device as long as you save the game on your cloud account.

Specifications for your Device

gta san andreas apkIt is essential that you check the device on which you intend to save the game. You should ensure that your machine could run the game smoothly. For the game to run smoothly, your device has to meet several specifications. The following are specifications that your device has to meet.


You need some space to download GTA San Andreas APK. Luckily, the APK is not massive. It will demand 26.6 MBs. It is the space required for the file to download on your device. However, you will need more space for the OBB files. This space is ample, approximately 1.8GB. This game is the first version, 1.08, which means that the game might require more space as the developers continue to update the game.

Operating System

The game is available for different devices, which includes the iOS operating system by Apple. However, there are restrictions for the Android Operating Systems. Your phone should have Android 4.0 or higher for the game to install and run on your device. If your phone does not meet that specification, you would easily update your software to match the specification, or easily purchase another device with that operating system version.

Processing Speed

Since the game will include several operations, including graphics and sound, you need a processor that can give you smooth operation. You will need a device that has 1GHz and above. It will allow the game to run smoothly.

What Gamer Think of the Game?

Since the developers are creating the game for Android devices for the first time, it would be helpful to check the reviews provided by other gamers. These will help you decide whether it is worth a download. The following are comments and reports submitted by different players.

  • Graphics
    The graphics in the game are perfect, which is impressive since the developers tried their best to beat the competition. You will enjoy some quality animations and graphics, especially if your device has a High Definition resolution.
  • Controls
    You might need some time and exercise before you get used to the game’s controls. However, you might choose to use another controller, which might include a Bluetooth controller.
  • Sound
    The sound is perfect, mainly if you use a different device, which you can connect using a wireless connection.


The game has excellent quality, and it is a fantastic idea that other developers are not able to deliver. You should try out the game regardless of your experience in the game. Although the game is the same as the older version, it has a new feel, which is amazing because it brings a new perspective to the player. You will be sure to enjoy the game.

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