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GTA Vice City is one of the most popular games in the GTA Series. It is the sixth game that Rockstar Games released, initially making it available for gamers all over America and Canada. The first release was in 2002. A few months later, the game got a great response, and it spread across the globe with more players enjoying the game. In the year 2003, the developers, Rockstar North, created a new version for Xbox and PlayStation. Several years later, the game is back, with the developers providing the game for iOS devices and Android. You can, therefore, download the game quickly on your mobile device so that you can enjoy the vast world of Vice City. This marvelous game has some great features and a great story that was the main course of attraction in the world. You will get tips on how you can download the GTA Vice City Apk on your mobile device. In this article, we will also help you identify the reviews provided regarding the Android version of GTA Vice City. You will also learn the features available on the GTA Vice City Apk that help put the game above all others on different platforms. Download our GTA Vice City APK here.Download GTA Vice City APK

Downloading and Installing GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City APK is one of the most searched keywords on the internet. Most gamers are trying to find several platforms from which they can download the application and install it on their mobile devices. This section includes several ways in which you can download and play the game on your mobile device.

Google Play Store

Android official App Store, Google Play Store, has the safe and approved version of GTA Vice City APK. You can, therefore, choose to download this game directly from the official Play Store, after which the game will install automatically.

Alternative Websites

Alternatively, you can choose to download the GTA Vice City Apk from another source, which would be a website on the internet. However, this option could present several problems, which include malware. It would affect your phone’s integrity, and you might stand a chance to lose the data on your mobile device. Instead of risking your phone’s security, it would be better to download the official game from the official Rockstar website. The official website will have a secure app, which will assure you great security for your mobile device. Moreover, you can visit this website to get the GTA Vice City Apk definitely for free. This site provides you with a safe version of various games.

GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City APK has a great storyline, which is a bit different from the other versions of GTA Series. The story revolves around the main character, Tommy Vercetti. After a long term in prison, an old boss, for different missions, sends the main character to Vice City. However, once he gets to the destination, he faces multiple challenges that includes being set up for the crime. Once the boss hears about the occurrence in Vice City, he requests to have his money back. However, the main character, Tommy, faces some gangs and corrupt leaders, who strive to have him dead and get rid of him. In the efforts to save his life, he chooses to give them the fight they want, deciding to overtake the gangs and leaders, in efforts to get the overall power of the city. He, therefore, faces several challenges as he tries to gain control.

In his missions, he meets several masterminds, including some who try to fight together with him, giving him a higher chance of finding his way to the top quickly. Unfortunately, he does not realize that the city has undergone many changes including the power struggles in the city. He, therefore, has to fight for his life and learn about the untrustworthy characters. You will be the main character, fulfilling his missions and trying to get rid of all those who stand in his way.

GTA Vice City APK

Features of GTA Vice City Apk

The game has some great features that will help give you maximum pleasure in the game. These features are easy to use, and you will realize that they contribute significantly to the game’s appearance and feel.


The game is full of music for everyone. You will get a chance to choose your music by tuning your FM radio to different stations, each playing different types of music. If you are cruising around, you can choose to listen to some blues or hip-hop tunes. Alternatively, you can choose to listen to some rock music when you want to cause trouble or race with other characters or players in the game. You will also get some pop music with some of the classic instrumentals to get you in the mood of anything you would like to do. Music is a great way to keep you focused, and GTA Vice City APK makes sure that you get enough of it.

Graphics and Animations

You get to control each action of your main character, including tuning the radio to several stations. Since it is an advanced game, you will realize that it contains some of the most beautiful and smooth animations. You will also find some of the most advanced drawings that give the game a realistic appearance. All the streets and characters have drawn well, and the movements they make are realistic. You will even notice when your character pants after running for a long while, after which he slows down due to fatigue. It is a great addition included by the developers of the game. You will realize that your cars will get realistic damage, which comes after you make any slight accident.


Each of the characters in the game has several tasks. Some will haul insults at you as you drive recklessly. You will get several police officers situated all around the city. The police will start hunting you as soon as you start any trouble near them. If you beat up a cop, you will get all his possessions, which include weapons and money. You can beat up any citizen to get what he or she has in his pockets or bags. It is important to realize that some characters have a significant part in your game’s progress. For instance, drug dealers and other gang members will be the leading part of your missions, some trying to kill you, while some run as you try to kill them. It is, therefore, important to note all the leading characters in the game, including those that would kill you in an instant.Download GTA Vice City APK


GTA Vice City APK has some great game controls on the mobile device. These controls are very accessible to use. However, you might need to get some experience before perfecting the game controls. One advantage of the game controls is that you will get a chance to modify them to suit your needs. It means that you can set their locations and the type of the game control for a specific task. For instance, the navigation controls are on the left side of the screen. You can choose to modify the analog stick and use tilting or buttons to navigate your character or the vehicles. The choice depends on your preferred method. As you will learn, GTA Vice City Apk has several controls that you can use effortlessly, for instance, swiping on the screen to look at the sides, and changing the position of the camera.


You can easily steal a car from anyone, including a police officer. These vehicles are available in different models, some hard to deal with, and some very easy to control. Some of the vehicles are very fast and will be a great help in the missions that require high speed. In addition, you get to use several alternatives such as motorbikes and bicycles. As you continue to increase your abilities at higher levels, you get better at driving and riding bikes. You can also choose to use some cheat codes that will give you secret vehicles. These cheat codes will give you choppers, tanks, and many more that will help you cause more mayhem or complete your missions faster. When you get in a particular car such as a police car, you can impersonate a police officer and you can, therefore, run around doing what cops would do in these vehicles. Make sure to try several cars and motorbikes you want because they have different abilities and that is one of the best parts of the game.

GTA Vice City APK

Specifications that your Phone has to meet

You will need a specific type of device in order to run the game. These specifications will help your device run the game smoothly with very few instances of problems and glitches. The following are the important specifications required of your phone before you choose to install GTA Vice City APK.

Operating System

You will need an Android device before you decide to install GTA Vice City APK. You need to ensure that your Android’s version if 2.3 or above. It is the minimum version required to run the game.


Your phone should have a processor with a minimum of 1 GHz processing speed. It will help your phone to process all the game’s processes, including the graphics and the fast selection of targets. When playing the game, you will realize that you will face several challenges that would require a single second of action to prevent death. It is therefore important to ensure that your game can handle these instances. To be on the safe side, make sure that your game has a higher processing speed.


You will need a higher amount of space to download the game. For instance, you will require 7MBs to download GTA Vice City APK, which is the installer for the game. However, you will need approximately 1.5 GB to download the OBB data file on your device. This game will keep growing as you continue to save your game progress. You should, therefore, try your best to use the cloud storage, which is a great option to ensure that your progress is not lost. The cloud storage will also ensure that you can use the game on any device that has the game installed.

You will also need a minimum of 1GB RAM on your device. Download our GTA Vice City APK here.Download GTA Vice City APK

Comments from other Players

You should not download a game that does not have the adequate positive reviews to convince you that it is worth playing. This section will help provide some of the positive reviews submitted by different players of the game.


The developers used some of the best graphical abilities to include the fastest cars in the game. The cars are easy to drive, and they are all over the streets. When you see a car you would want to drive, all you have to do is stop it and steal it from the owner. Various models are available, with the same feel as the real cars, including the inside.


The original version of the game had lower graphics than the new version. However, the graphics are improved in the latest version of the game, which is a fantastic improvement for mobile devices. The graphics will run on any machine, as long as it has an excellent display, including High Definition Displays, which have the best experience. On the device, you will note that the game does not have any glitches related to the graphics quality.

Sound and Music

The game has great music for every occasion. You can enjoy a range of songs on your FM radio, which you can scan while driving any car in the game. The sound quality is also high, and it is even better on the mobile device, especially when using headphones.

Integration with Other Devices

You can integrate the game with other devices, including wireless controllers and other displays. This wireless controller will allow you to play the game quickly. Ensure that you enjoy the game using other controllers because it gives you a free display that does not have controls to affect your game.


The game is simple and very advanced. The reviews and comments provided for GTA Vice City APK say it all. You should try your best to explore all the features of the game.

Download GTA Vice City APK

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