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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most engaging games of any other games. It has a great, unique storyline that always grips your attention for hours, as you play the game. One of the most popular versions of Grand Theft Auto is San Andreas, which is a masterpiece that continues to get the great response from the gamer all over the world. The game is available for different platforms including PlayStation, Mobile Devices, and PCs. On October 2004, Rockstar Games launched the San Andreas version of GTA for a gamer, initially making it available for PlayStation. A few months later, the developers developed a version that ran on Xbox and desktops running Windows. However, a few years later, the developers have introduced a modern version of the game that runs on a mobile device with the same advancements that everyone would hope to see from the game. The game is new regarding the controls, but the general idea of the San Andreas GTA is the identical as the original version. The characters are similar and the missions almost the same. However, the Android version of the game is better in several ways, as you will learn in this post. Here, we explain the development and improvement of GTA San Andreas. We also give you tips on GTA San Andreas free download for your mobile device, including the specifications that your phone must meet to run and play the game. Download our GTA San Andreas Free Download Here.Download GTA San Andreas Free

About GTA San Andreas Game Play

You are the main character, CJ, Carl Johnson. Unknown people murder Carl’s mother, which pushes Carl to move to San Andreas, to take revenge for his mother. You, therefore, have to take on different missions in efforts to seek the truth and track down the real killer of the main character’s mother. The game, therefore, allows you to do different things as the main character of the game. CJ has different abilities that include moving around on foot, running, driving, killing, robbing, and in the new Android version, he can swim, which is an upgrade from other versions of GTA.

When you begin the game, you get a story about the death of Carl’s mother and the connection to the first mission that you have to take on in the first level of the game. However, unlike other versions of Grand Theft Auto, you have the option to start the first mission immediately or roam around the city, checking out different features of the game and the general feel of the game. It would be helpful because the game does not have the same controls as previous versions. Since you will be using a touchscreen on your missions, it would be great to get used to the game first before you move on to the first mission.

Main Character’s Abilities

The game’s developers thought about the human nature while developing the game. You, therefore, have to keep watch of what you do in the game. You have to stay safe and healthy to perform well in your missions. It means that you will have to eat to stay strong. However, when you consume too much, you will gain too much weight, and you will not be as athletic as you should, which means that you will be slower, even when running.

Carl can run on foot, fight, and swim. When you continue to beat each level, your capabilities continue to increase. It, therefore, means that you will have higher abilities to complete harder missions on other levels.

Similar to other versions of the game, you can easily save your progress. However, you will have to go to CJ’s house to save the game and access other functions and options of the game. One of the improvements in this game is that you can prefer to save the game on your local memory or use cloud storage for those who prefer to log in using their Rockstar accounts.

The developers put in much work in the game, and it is evident in the details they included in the game.

GTA San Andreas Free Download

Characteristics of GTA San Andreas for Android

In this section, we explain several details and features of GTA San Andreas that make it one of the best of all games.


The game has a small cost for those who choose to download it on Google Play Store. To download the game from the store, you will have to make a small payment of $6.99, which is affordable considering the general quality of the game.

Challenges & Missions

You will note that the developers included several unique missions. These missions contribute to the general story of the game, eventually leading to the unveiling of the truth. Although these missions are simple in the first levels, they get challenging as you continue to play. Luckily, your abilities continue to increase as you play on. In addition to these missions, several side missions help you shift from the leading story missions.

These side missions will help you make more money for more tasks and food, and you will get a chance to get more weapons, which will be an added advantage in missions at higher levels.


These controls will help you navigate and do different things. The left side has the navigation control. You have two options for navigation, either a virtual analog stick or a combination of arrows. You can choose your preference on the options pane.

On the right side of the screen, you will find different buttons for different functions. It is easy to identify the role that a particular button does, which is thanks to the genius developers of the game.

When driving or walking around, you can look around your environment. To do this, you can swipe on the screen to the direction you intend to look.

On the options screen, you have several options. These include the type of controls for your vehicle and functions. You can also choose to have the controls automatically change once you get in and out of the car. You can choose to drive your car by flicking your screen in the direction you want your car to go.

Aside from that, you can choose to avoid all the controls on the screen altogether, preferring to use a wireless controller, like the one on the PlayStation console. You can then use a more widescreen using the wireless connection provided on the game.


The game has advanced graphics that help make it look realistic. These advancements are significant because they beat most games that have the same idea. The drawings on the Android version are better than the pictures on the older version of GTA San Andreas. You will also note that the developers even put in much effort to provide as much details of the environment as possible. You will, therefore, indicate that you can see specific posts on walls, and even business names on different business, which you can easily visit when you choose to.

It is important to realize that you might face certain glitches when playing the game. However, these glitches are mainly from your preferences and the integration of the settings to your mobile device. To correct and eradicate the glitches, you should visit the preferences page, using the settings in the right manner to get different aspects that will eventually fit your phone perfectly.


The game has perfect sound quality. While playing the game, you will realize that a specific soundtrack is always playing when you are driving, helping you stay focused and giving you the right mood to continue playing the game. You will also note that the interesting offensive language from other drivers and pedestrians are still available on this game. The voices behind the game are from amazing actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Ice. You will, therefore, enjoy the same dialogue quality that you did in the original versions of San Andreas.

Personal Fun

You do not have to play the missions. Instead, you can choose to do whatever you like about the city. It means that you can go around the city, killing, robbing, or even look for exciting police chases in which you can get involved.

These distractions will help you improve your skills while making more money and attaining more weapons from other sources, for use in the missions.

Downloading GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Free Download

The game is available on Google Play Store, where you can buy it for $6.99. However, you can choose to use this platform for GTA San Andreas free download. Before you download the game on your device, yet, you have to make sure that your phone meets specific specifications. The following are essential requirements that will allow for a smooth game.

The Space on your Device

For the setup download, you only need up to 30 MB. This download, however, will install the game on your device and you will not be able to play the game without additional OBB data. The OBB, however, takes up a more substantial amount of space. The developers recommend that you have up to 2.5 GB on your phone. The OBB keeps growing as you continue to beat different missions and levels. The game, therefore, saves different levels of the game and preferences on your device, which is the leading cause of the growth in size.

However, you can prevent the growth by choosing to store your progress on the cloud platform provided by Rockstar Games. You will need to sign up and log in to a Rockstar account to do that. Before you start your GTA San Andreas free download, it would be advisable to have a Wi-Fi connection.

Operating System

The game is available for different operating systems, including the iOS. However, if your phone runs an Android operating system, you have to ensure that it is Android 4.0 or higher. This version is the minimum requirement for Android device.


The processor should be fast because the game would require the phone to perform different tasks, including several graphics functions for the perfect game experience. A 1 GHz processor would work correctly for the game. You should also consider using a processor with higher capabilities than the 1GHz to avoid any complications when multitasking with your device.


The random access memory on your device should be capable of handling a game with many processes, like the GTA San Andreas. The minimum RAM requirement is 1GB. However, to be on the safe side, you should opt to use one with a more massive RAM.

Reviews of the Game

The game has several positive and negative reviews from the gamers who play the game. However, the positive reviews are more than the negative reviews, which is encouraging for those who have not installed and played the game.


Most people provided excellent feedback on the quality of the graphics. The developers made sure to tweak up the graphics, making the game fresh and new. The experience will, therefore, become better and unique for the gamers. The graphics are better, even on devices with high definition displays.


The controls of the game are different from the restrictions on the other versions of GTA San Andreas. However, the difference is because they are on a touch screen, which means that a gamer would have to take some time before getting used to them. On the positive side, you can choose to use other physical controls that connect to your device using a wireless connection such as Bluetooth. This connection makes the game better and easier.


GTA San Andreas free download is available, and you would not want to miss the fun. You should download and install the game on your device because it is worth every second and space. The game is available on Play Store for a certain amount of money. However, you can choose to download the game on this platform free. Download and experience GTA San Andreas today. Download our GTA San Andreas Free Download Here.Download GTA San Andreas Free

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