Have you heard about the GTA Chinatown Wars APK for Android?

GTA Chinatown Wars is one of the most popular games in the world with amazing reviews from most gamers online. The game, which has a very interesting story, came out in 2009. During this time, the game’s developers included some aspects and features that caught everyone’s attention. However, as time went by, the gamers opted for other versions of GTA, which had better improvements to improve the general experience of the game. However, the developers are back at it again. The game is now back with a better feel and experience, which beats the original version. To make the game even sweeter, the developers created a GTA Chinatown Wars APK, making the game available for all gamers, including the mobile device users. It, therefore, means that you can install the game on your device from various platforms, playing it whenever or wherever you are. On this post, we provide you with details and insights that will help you understand the general game’s features, as well as the requirements and specifications that your mobile device must meet to run the GTA Chinatown Wars APK smoothly. Download our GTA Chinatown Wars APK here.Download GTA Chinatown Wars APK

Story Behind GTA Chinatown Wars

The game has a simple story, which involves you, as the main character. Huang Lee, who is the main character in the game, goes to Liberty City, where he intends to take revenge on the people who murdered his father. The problem, however, is that other people in the gangs are trying to take power from the Lee family. The main character, therefore, finds himself in the midst of a territorial war between different gangs and gangsters. In the efforts to carry out his main mission, he has to perform certain tasks for other gangsters, which is the main part of the fun. You will have to carry out different missions for different gangsters, trying to carry out each mission successfully to get to the next level of the game.

It is hard to create a game that has a simple story that each player can understand easily. However, the developers make sure that you understand the story behind the game by integrating small movies in the midst of the game in efforts to explain the story as it unfolds.

You will get missions handed to you by a number of bosses running the Triad gangs in different positions of power. However, to make the game even more interesting, you will get missions from others who are not part of the gangs.

As you would expect, most of these missions would require you to kill certain characters, drive fast, and avoid the law. Each mission is explained in a story that comes after each mission. It is a simple, but very important part of the game, which the developers made sure to include in the GTA Chinatown Wars APK.

The Features of GTA Chinatown Wars

You will realize that the game has several features that are available on the previous version of GTA Chinatown Wars. However, there are certain improvements in the new Android version that is surprising considering the older version. The following are advancements that players can enjoy the new version of GTA.GTA Chinatown Wars APK


The game contains some mini-games that you can enjoy. These games are similar to the older computer version and the new Android version. They are common because they are simple and very interesting. You also have to complete them to continue with the rest of the game. However, you should realize that these games would require some precision and concentration. Luckily, their level of complication is just enough to get you the thrill, but not challenging enough to stop you from continuing with other missions. For instance, when you intend to steal a car in the parking lot, you would have to hotwire the car to get it started. You would also have the option of using a screwdriver instead. These missions are important, and they help in making the game as realistic as possible.

When you stop at the gas station for a drink, you would have to use your skills to create a cocktail. You should also go through trash in dustbins and other junk in efforts to find weapons that you can use in missions.

Alternative Missions

Sometimes, you will find yourself free, without any missions. You can use this time to make more money. In the GTA Chinatown Wars, you can carry out different missions to get the desired increase in funds. If you played the previous version of the game, you could remember the chance to steal a police car, using it as a police. In this new version, you can still impersonate a police officer by stealing their car. However, the game has additional missions that you can carry out to make more money. For instance, you can steal a cab, a fire truck, or a delivery truck for food. Carrying out these missions will get you additional cash that you can use in your missions.

However, you can be lucky enough to find a delivery truck that has weapons or drugs. When you hijack such a delivery truck, you can choose to steal the goods, keeping them for your own uses. In order to do that, you would have to drive the car to your safe house (any of the available safe houses), where you can hide the goods, using them on future missions. When you manage to steal the drugs, you can sell them to a drug dealer, who will give you money in exchange. However, you have to find these drug dealers in the city.


Several challenges are available in the game. These challenges vary in nature and complication. You will realize that there are racing missions that would require you to race against an opponent. These racing games are simple, and they only need you to get in a car that starts the race. Although this is a common challenge from the previous computer version of the game, it has an unexpected improvement. You can choose to race against other players using an internet or Wi-Fi connection. This provision is one of the surprising features included in the game.

GTA Chinatown Wars APK

Evading Cops

Cops are all over the city, waiting to note any misbehavior by the citizens. The game has several things that would trigger a chase from the police. For instance, reckless driving will alert the police, and a race will start. You will, therefore, have to evade the cops or fight them. Although fighting the police is an interesting choice, it would only anger them more. When you anger the police, the heat levels will rise, which means that more cops will come looking for you and your chances of escape will reduce. However, you can choose to evade the police before the heat levels rise. To do that, you have several options. For instance, you can decide to stop your car at a secluded place, which would allow the heat to die down, and the cops would stop looking for you. Alternatively, you can enter a paint shop, where your car will get a makeover. The police would then lose your car, and the heat would die down.

Main Missions

These missions relate to the story. You have to complete each mission successfully to unlock the next mission. However, the GTA Chinatown Wars for Android has an additional improvement to make the tasks more interesting. For instance, you have the option of playing a mission again. This retake will help improve your scores in that particular mission. You can also beat the time in which you completed the task. You can earn more by retaking missions, scoring more in these missions.

When you repeat the missions, the new version cuts the story at the beginning of the level. You can, therefore, restart a mission and cut directly to the action at that level. This feature is a significant improvement because you do not have to waste time when playing the missions again.

When playing your missions, you can use several ranges of weapons. These weapons are easy to get. You can either steal them from delivery trucks that transport them or from police. Alternatively, you can order them using the PDA in the game.


Your mobile device would have to meet precise specifications to play the game. These specifications allow the game to run smoothly on your came without any disturbance. You should ensure that your phone meets all these specifications to enjoy the game at its best.

  • Space Requirements
    You do not need much space to download the GTA Chinatown Wars APK because it is only 18 MB. However, to play the game, you would have to ensure that you have at least 1GB of space. This requirement is because the game would use up to 800MB to store data that helps save the progress of your mission and other vital settings and preferences in your game.
  • Operating System
    Your phone would have to run an Android operating system to play the game. The operating system should also be a version 4.0 or higher.
  • Processing Speed
    It is possible to have an Android 4.0 or higher operating system, without adequate processing speed. The phone must have a 1 GHz or higher processing power, mainly because having many operations that help it to run smoothly.
  • RAM
    The RAM should be 1GB or higher to run the game smoothly without glitches.

Positive Reviews

Several people have tried the game, and they gave reviews depending on their experiences. Weighing from the reports provided on the game, it is perfect, and every gamer should try it. These several reviews, praise the game and the developers of the game.

Local Multiplayer

The local multiplayer feature of the game allows you to challenge another player in several types of challenges that include:

Death Race: This race will enable you to compete against another player in a pure race. You would have to choose a perfect vehicle since the car you choose would determine your speed and toughness. The first player to get to the finish line wins the race. Additionally, any player who dies during the race loses.

Stash Dash: This challenge allows you to race to a delivery van. When you get to the truck first, you should deliver the goods in the car to the set location safely. The player who gets there second has to stop you from making the delivery. Whoever completes the mission that he or she has to finish, wins the race.

Liberty City Survivor: This mission requires you to fight against your opponent, ensuring to stay alive. However, the challenge is that there are tons of police around the area, which means that you will have to evade them as well.

Graphics Quality

Some devices have high definition picture quality, which is an essential feature for high-quality graphics. The developers ensured to improve the graphics of the game, which allows people with high definition devices to enjoy the best gaming experience with a realistic appeal.

Bluetooth Integration

Few games allow you to play using another screen. However, this game has excellent device integration, which will enable you to play the game using other devices. This feature is a valuable addition that also allows you to use other controllers to play the game. You can play the game on a bigger screen, which means better graphics, and a better experience. Download our GTA Chinatown Wars APK here.Download GTA Chinatown Wars APK


GTA Chinatown Wars APK is one of the latest advancements in the game, and it beats most of the previous versions of the game. You can enjoy several features and improvements included in the game by the developers of the game. Make sure to set all your controls right, to improve the general gameplay and increase the fun. You should also try out the features that allow you to use other devices when playing the game. Download the game on Google Play today for the safest experience.

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