Can the GTA 5 APK Run on your Mobile Device? Here is what you need to know?

GTA V is undoubtedly one of the versions of GTA created for different platforms including the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. However, the game, although highly anticipated, required devices with great capabilities due to the number of processes that are in the game. It, therefore, became hard for users to download and play the game on their devices. The new Android version; GTA 5 Apk is now available, thanks to the developers of the Rockstar Games who strives to present the game for Android users. However, a question comes up; will any device run the game? GTA V is a complicated game with better graphics, game play, story, and even controls. It, therefore, brings up concerns regarding the ability of mobile devices to handle the game. As the game runs on a mobile device, will it have the same quality as the game for other platforms? Well, this post will help answer all these questions. We provide several reviews to help you understand the game and the general feel of the game play of GTA 5 Apk. We also help gamer install the game and run it smoothly on their devices by providing steps to help you download and setting-up the game perfectly.  Download our GTA 5 APK here. Download GTA 5 APK

GTA V Setting

GTA V is different from the other games in terms of the setting. The other games in the GTA series are set in a single location, a specific county, in which you can cause trouble and mayhem. However, in GTA V, the developers created different counties, through which the main character cruises while carrying out different missions and different tasks for his gang. The game has a great story, which involves several characters, each with different levels of missions that he can handle. You will, therefore, play as several characters, each with his own story and troubles.

You will get a chance to handle different heists using your character. Each heist has to be perfect and successful. For that reason, the game offers you several choices that you have to make before you start any heist. For instance, you will get to choose the character you want to use for the heist and the plan you will use to make the heist successful. You have to choose your plan carefully because you will only move to the next level when you complete each level successfully. In a single heist, you will get several mini-games that will help bring the plan together.

In GTA V, you can use several abilities that are an advancement from other versions of the game. The game allows you to do more, including getting in more buildings. The capabilities that your character has are complicated, which is the main reason behind the need for extensive processing powers for the devices running the game. The Android version is not any different because the game developers tried to include all the abilities of the characters in the game. These include changing the scene of the game seamlessly, to manage all aspects at the same time. The game has great animations and graphics that prove the developers’ abilities and skills.

Download GTA 5 APK

Features of GTA 5

The game is a significant improvement in every aspect. The features are an improvement from those in previous versions of GTA series. Since the developers had higher levels of technology at their disposal, they put their abilities, imagination, and skills to work to give you the advanced game that is GTA V. The following are some of the essential features you will find on GTA V.


This one feature changed in this version of GTA V. The previous versions of GTA V were set in a single specific county. For instance, the San Andreas version is set in San Andreas, which means that you cannot visit other towns when playing the game. In this version, however, the location is vast, allowing a player to cruise through several cities in the missions. It makes the game exciting, to say the least, eradicating the chances of boredom in the game. The developers mimicked such towns as Nevada Desert, California, and Los Angeles, which made the game unique and exciting in different levels.

Graphics Quality

The game has advanced graphics. It makes use of several technologies to help improve on the general appearance of the game. In this version, you will find newer models of vehicles and well-drawn roads that will make you enjoy the races and other driving missions. The game is realistic in many aspects, and it almost seems like a real-life simulation of the real world. You will realize that this game includes very many elements, including many mini-games and abilities that beat all other versions of GTA. Being the latest version, it has some of the most advanced graphics quality. In the game, you will realize that the developers introduced better drawings than those in previous versions. The characters look better than they did in the earlier versions, with more realistic movements, even in the mini-missions available in the game.


The game has a different story line and game play. It introduces a new concept that involves multiple characters with various tasks and missions. The criminal idea is even better, which means that you can do more crime in this game. It introduces new characters, which have different pasts. In the game, the characters do not do missions similar to the previous versions. In this new version, the tasks involve harder crime, including heists. You also get a chance to make more choices, which means that your mission’s success relies entirely on you. You will also get more challenges that make the game even more interesting.

Adult Content

The truth is that this game is not for kids. The game has very complicated missions that include realistic killing and drug use. The characters have the abilities to cause significant damage in the streets, occasionally killing other citizens, and in some cases, police. Since the characters are hard-core criminals, they will sometimes use different drugs, and even pick up prostitutes. Therefore, the game has very many cases and scenes that include drugs and sex. It is therefore essential for parents to keep young children from playing the game, especially those under the age of 14.

Side Missions

Each version of the GTA series has some missions that a player can handle when not tackling a specific task. Each of these side missions has their advantages including making money and collecting weapons. You should ensure that you try the games on GTA 5. The missions are great, and a character would have to handle several tasks that would help improve the abilities and worth.


The game is realistic in many aspects, which include the appearance and general feel. Also, the characters have to remain healthy to stay alive. The characters will also have the ability to get stronger, and fatter, which means that you will have to keep watch of your character’s health, occasionally eating and working out to stay fit. The time runs smoothly in the game, simulating a real-life game.


Most games are not easy to control, including the previous versions of GTA. However, the developers of this game made a better set of commands for this game. Unlike other games, GTA V APK has a simple user interface that includes a set of controls similar to the PlayStation Controller. Therefore, you will get a similar experience quite like the PlayStation. The game’s controllers have the same functions as the PlayStation Controllers. Considering this; the game is somewhat similar to a screen on a controller. The controls are flawless, perfect and you will eventually realize that it is better to play the game on a mobile device than on a computer.

Downloading and Installing the Android Version of GTA V

GTA 5 APK is available for Android, thanks to the developers of the game. You can easily download and install the game from one of several platforms available on the internet. You will need to meet several requirements for the game to play smoothly. On this section, however, we discuss some of the ways in which you can get the game running on your mobile device.

First, your mobile device should have an Android operating system to download and install the system. On your mobile device, you can visit the official Rockstar website, where you will get a GTA 5 APK file and the OBB file needed to run the game on your mobile device. Once you download the setup, you have to run it on your mobile device. The app manager will install the game after going through a few installation steps. Once you install the game, you should extract the OBB file to a specific folder, specified by the developer of the game.

Alternatively, you can visit the official app store, the Google Play Store. Here, you will download the game, after which it will install automatically. When you open the game, it will prompt for a follow-up download, which downloads the OBB file. The game will then be ready to run, and you can start enjoying the game immediately.

You have to be careful when downloading the game from a website. It is possible to get malware on your device, which will affect the integrity of your device. For that reason, you should try your best to download the game from an official website, or Google Play Store, which scans all apps before availing them for download to users. This process will keep your device safe and secure. Download our GTA 5 APK here. Download GTA 5 APK

System Requirements and Specifications

Like other versions, not all the devices can run the game. It would require certain specifications for your device to install and run the game as expected. This section helps detail the important specifications that your device has to meet in order to run the game.

Available Space

As pointed out above, you would have to download GTA 5 APK and an additional OBB file. The APK file alone is not big, and it would only require 70 MB. However, you would need to free up more space for the OBB file, which takes up to 3GB.

The version of Operating System

You would require Android 3.5 and above to install the game. This requirement is amazing, mainly because the game has many requirements and processes, yet it would require an older version of the Android OS to run, which is a surprising requirement. It, therefore, means that more Android device users would have access to the game, being able to play it with ease.

Display Requirements

The game has beautiful graphics, which would mean that your device would require a High Definition display. However, the game would play smoothly on any device that has the wanted specifications to install and run the game. However, it would be better if your phone has a High Definition display, which would make the game better and more fun.

What Gamer Think?

It is interesting to play this game, and you would find yourself glued to your device for hours while playing the game. However, it would be reckless to install the game without going through what other players of the game think about it. Here are several features on which the gamer commented.


The game has perfect controls. The previous versions got several complaints of controls that required you to get some exercise before getting used to them. However, this version has simple controls that are more similar to the PlayStation Controller. It would, therefore, mean that you have better chances of operating the game using the mobile device instead of the computer.


The game has perfect graphics quality. It means that you would easily enjoy the game regardless of the device on which you choose to run it. The developers made sure to perfect this feature, and they did a perfect job.


You can get the GTA 5 APK easily on your mobile device. It would be great if you download the game and install it on your mobile device or tablet. Make sure that you try out this amazing version of the game. However, remember to protect the integrity of your device by using only safe sources of the game.Download GTA 5 APK

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