GTA 3 APK: All you need to know about this game

Grand theft auto is one of the best games introduced to the gamer in the world. The game has fabulous adventures that people enjoy in the game. These adventures and missions are the main attraction in the game.  The main character in the game is subject to a major conspiracy, a story that helps to bring interest and adventures in the game. Formerly, the game was only for computers, with tremendous response. However, as technology grew, Android devices gained great capabilities, especially regarding the graphics. The developers of GTA, therefore, tried their best, coming up with a GTA 3 APK that allows a gamer to install and enjoy the game on their mobile devices. On this platform, we provide you with information to help you understand the Android version of the game and the specifications that your game must meet to run the game. Download our GTA 3 APK Here.  Download GTA 3 APK

Information about GTA 3 

Experienced developers came together to create one of the best games in the world. The game, freshly created in 2001, got a great response from gamer all over the world due to the different concept that the game used. This game is unique from other games, using a unique story that helps to bring different ideas and missions to the gameplay. However, like every unique game, it received great disapproval from a few of the gamer. This disapproval was due to the explicit content involved in the game. However, the developers insisted that this only made the game real, making it interesting for the players. Regardless of the criticism, the game got a great response and went on to become one of the most played games compared to other games.


Reason for Introducing the Game to Mobile Devices

The game was initially for the gamer who had PlayStation 2, then computer users, and finally Xbox users. These platforms allowed the players to enjoy the game without any complication. The reason for using these platforms, however, was that the game had great requirements such as graphics and space. However, mobile devices caught up with computers, some of them acting like computers regarding processing speeds, space, and the graphics capabilities. The game can, therefore, run on any device that matches the features and specifications that would aid in a smooth experience, without any complications. The gamer can now enjoy playing the game at any location, at any time of the day, straight from their mobile devices, which is one of the significant advantages of using the game on a mobile device. You should ensure that you try the game on your mobile device.

Downloading the GTA game for Android

You can easily download and install the game on your mobile device. However, you have to ensure that your mobile device meets all the specification required for the game. These specifications will allow the game to run smoothly on your mobile device. To download the game, you can use one of several platforms. You can either wish to download the game on the official GTA website, where you will find the original GTA 3 APK. Alternatively, you can choose to download the game from a verified website that will provide the APK file. You, however, have to be careful because the game’s APK file might infect with a virus, which will, in turn, affect your mobile device, compromising on the integrity of your device. That is why the developers of the game advice gamer to download the game only from an official website. You can also download and install the GTA 3 from Google Play, which is the most secure platform for mobile app downloads. If your phone runs an iOS operating system, you can download and install the GTA 3 APK on the Apple Play Store.


In order to enjoy the game on your mobile device, you have to ensure that the android device completes all the requirements. The following are specifications that your mobile device has to meet to run the game smoothly.


The GTA 3 APK is small, less than 15 MB. However, the game requires more than this once installed. It will allow the game to save progress and other details that will serve in saving your settings and progress. The general space required by the game is about 700 MB. You should, therefore, ensure that your phone has at least 1GB of space to be on the safe side.


The graphics requirements are not specific. The game would require, however, that your phone has clear graphics quality to enjoy quality gaming.

Operating System

Although the game is available for Android devices, not all games can run the game. Your phone must have a 2.3 or higher Android version. It means that most of the latest releases of Android mobile devices can run the game.


The game has many operations, which would require a certain amount of processing speed to operate smoothly. Therefore, before you decide to download the game, check to make sure that your game has a 1GHZ or higher CPU.

Story Line

The game has a fabulous and unique storyline. The game is one of the best compared to other action-packed games. In the game, the main character is a convicted robber who gets a chance to escape, after his fellow robber double-deals him, leaving him in much trouble that pushes him into deeper crime. In efforts to get his life back, the lead character starts taking on different tasks, given to him by other criminal masterminds. As the game continues, you move to higher levels of the game, getting more abilities and improvement to help with the tougher missions.

You will get continuous criminal missions in the game. These missions connect to each other regarding a story. You will realize that the game developers integrated a small movie to help you understand the story behind the game. This movie is at the beginning of the game. You can, therefore, be sure that you will enjoy much of the game as you continue to improve and move to higher levels of the game.


To complete your missions, you will get several provisions. These are weapons and abilities that will help you steal, rob, and even kill. You can choose from different weapons that include a range of guns, bats, and others. You can also prefer to use fists and kicks when fighting. You should realize that each crime you do would lead to the appearance of the law enforcement. The police will chase after you in efforts to kill you. Download our GTA 3 APK Here. download GTA APK

Once you beat up a person and kill him or her, you can get all his or her property. It is one way of getting more weapons. When you beat up the police, you can get his weapons and other provisions that would aid in missions.

For transport, some bosses will give you wheels to help you carry out your missions. Alternatively, you can choose to carjack any vehicle available on the roads. You can even carjack police officers, using their vehicles to carry out missions that are more dangerous as a police.


Cheats are available to help you get secret provisions. For instance, you can apply cheats to get choppers or even a tank. This game is one of the most enjoyable games because once you use cheats, you get higher power and more abilities that will help you evade the cops, or carry out more crimes. These cheats are available on different platforms and blogs on the internet. You can do some research to find these cheats.


GTA 3 APKGTA 3 Apk has excellent game controls, with several options to help you get the best experience of the game. You should realize that the game has the same functions as the computer version of the game. You will, therefore, have the same experience as the computer version.

You have to master the game controls to play the game as a pro. The computer version of the game has easy game controls that you can master. However, the mobile device version has even easier game controls that allow you to do the same things that you can on a computer.

In the game, you can see around you, from left to right. To do this, you can smoothly swipe on the screen in the direction that you want to look. This simple action is one of the unique things that you can perform in the game.

There are two cases in the game. You can move either in a car or on foot. The controls are different for these two cases.

When on foot, an analog stick appears on the bottom left side of the screen. It will allow you to move in any direction you wish. When on foot, you can also fight, jump, kick, punch, run, or use your weapon. Each of these functions has different buttons that are located on the right side of the screen. You can also select your weapons, choose to arm the character or disarm the character. You will also find controls that help you get in and out of a car.

Once you are in a car, you will notice additional buttons that help driving the car. For instance, you will find acceleration, braking, reverse, and horn buttons.

However, you should note several important details. The game-controls of GTA 3 Apk depending on your choice. The preferences will help you modify the type of controls that you use. For instance, you can choose to use an analog stick to drive the car. These provisions are in the preferences.

You should make sure that you understand the game-controls, choosing the controls that will help you play better.

You can also choose different locations for the controls. Each control can move to another location, to help you customize the game, making the experience effortless for you.

If you find the game hard to play with the controls on the screen, you can use to include an Xbox controller, which is available for some Android devices. The developers included this function to make sure that every gamer has a chance to enjoy the game using the preferred controls.

Characteristics of the Game

The game has several features that will help in creating a magnificent performance and a great experience. The following are some qualities identified with the game.

  • Graphics
    The developers of the game put in much effort to ensure the game is as realistic as possible. The game has specific details, including unique arts on walls and business names that are unique. The game’s graphics are similar to the original version of the game. The game is therefore very appealing because it has a realistic feel. Considering that the game is for mobile devices, this is a valuable aspect.
  • Sound Quality
    The game has several problems with the sound. Although the developers promise to deal with the problem, it is one failure associated with the game’s development. However, you can easily connect headphones or earphones to ensure that you get high-quality sound. When you minimize the game, you will realize certain glitches in the sound of your phone.
  • Advantages
    These are advantages associated with the game when on a mobile device.
  • Affordability
    The game is very cheap when compared to other games. You can install and run the game for only $4.99, which is a great offer.
  • Performance
    When you consider that the game is for mobile devices, you would expect that it will be slow, occasionally crushing. However, the developers of the game put in much work in the game, which is the main reason why it runs perfectly on mobile devices.
  • Music
    The game has a great soundtrack. The soundtracks in the game will give you the mood you need to push through the game for hours. It is one of the characteristics that help make the game addictive to every gamer.


The game is readily available for anyone regardless of the location. It is important to try out the game because it beats most games in terms of the performance and the story behind the game. Download and play the game today.